Fairy Queen Council Initiations

Fairy Queen Council Initiations

Humanity has suffered long enough. The fairy kingdom wants to help you transmute and heal the density that has been in the way of you living from your true essence. Since the fairies are angels for the Earth, by helping humanity heal, they are aiding in the collective and planetary ascension. You will be initiated to awaken and activate your soul’s magical abilities in this lifetime. Become initiated into the secret world of the fairies through the wisdom of dragonfly magic, ancient tree manifestation, flower frequency medicine, and the healing power of the elements.

Are you feeling called to…

  • Deepen your connection to the alchemy and wonder of the elementals?
  • Reactivate your past life magical abilities?
  • Receive support to reopen to your true lighthearted essence?
  • Reawaken to the ancient wisdom of flower and tree medicine?
  • Learn the ancient art of fairy healing and light language?
  • Create from a higher frequency of joy and play?
I understand all too well how easy it can be to fall into feeling shutdown and overwhelmed. I also know that the 3D density often makes us forget our true magical nature. Through experiencing many rough circumstances and conditions growing up, I certainly forgot my true nature. 

If you feel called to listen to the story of how I remembered my connection to my fairy lineage, I filmed this video for you.

What you will receive during The Fairy Queen Council Initiations

More on what you will receive during the eight initiations:

1. Fairy Queen High Council Ceremony: Initiation into the Wisdom of the Fairy Queendom

You are invited to sit in circle with the Council of the High Fairy Queens and receive an energetic blessing from each one, including the Queen of the Water Fairies (water nymphs), Air Fairies (sylphs), Woodland Fairies (wood nymphs) and Flower Fairies (pixies).

Energetically connect to your team on the Queen Fairy High Council and get to know them as they pass the healing power of the elements on to you.

2. Activate your Wings: Dragonfly Magic Initiation

Discover winged Alchemy as your wings are activated. The Dragonfly Spirit works with the fairies and is inviting you into the higher realms of alchemy, mystery and wonder.

Dragonfly Spirits offer the gift of transformation and hidden knowledge. With the Fairy High Council Queens, they are inviting you to break free of limitations, to go beyond what you thought was possible, and dive into what your soul is truly desiring.

Learn the secret alchemy of the winged ones and have your wings activated.

3. Reclaim your Past Life/Eternal Magic Initiation & Empower Your Abilities in this Life

You have been drawn to these initiations because your soul holds the wisdom and magic that you activated in previous lifetimes while incarnated as a Fairy, Angelic one, Starseed, Alchemist, Magician, and/or Healer.

It is time to remember the magic that awakened in these previous lives and reclaim it through this powerful initiation. The Fairy Queen High Council  will support you in integrating and activating your gifts in this lifetime.

4. Ancient Art of Fairy Healing

This is a rare and precious opportunity for you sacred beloved to be initiated into the magical art of fairy healing and how to work with the powerful frequencies from the plant kingdom.

Empower yourself and others using the elements and the sacred medicine from mother earth.

Learn how to call in and collaborate with the frequency of the fairies for the highest good of yourself and others.

5. Light Hearted CREATION with the Queen Fairies: Joy and Play Initiation

The Fairy Queen High Council wishes to offer you a series of clearings from resistance, density, heaviness or armor that may be over your heart.

The fairies want to assist with the ascension of humanity to help the ascension of the Earth and all of its inhabitants, including the sacred animals. A big part of this is clearing energies that may be in the way of you experiencing your true lighthearted nature.

The fairies wish to initiate you into the frequencies of joy to help you remember how to play so that you can co-create something truly magical on this earth with them!

You will plant the seed of something that you will be creating through the frequency of joy.

6. Rooted Manifestation: Ancient Tree Wisdom Initiation

During your fifth initiation, you planted a seed of something that you will be creating through joy. In this sixth initiation, you will be learning how to work with the secret wisdom of manifesting with the trees.

You will be initiated into the knowledge of the oak and sacred trees by Nemetona, The Fairy Queen of the Trees and by the Oak King, the guardian fairy king of the trees.

Fairy Queen Nemetona and the Oak Fairy King will help you learn how to work with the rootedness of the trees to ground and grow your creations and manifestations into physical reality.

7. Sacred Flower Frequency Healing Initiation {Rose, Iris, Lotus, Orchid and Sunflower}

The Fairy Queen High Council, including Cordelia, a beautiful Flower Fairy Queen, is ready to initiate you into the sacred healing and wisdom frequencies that are held within the essences of the holy flowers.

You will learn how to uplift yourself and heal using the magic of the flower frequency. Taking in the energetic medicine of the flowers helps you remember the beauty and sweetness of life and supports you in holding your own inner beauty and sweetness in a more powerful way. This initiation will make you more magnetic and will help you hold the lightheartedness of the fairies.

8. Ascension and Fairy Light Language Initiation from the Queen Fairy High Council

The Queen Fairy High Council is working in harmony with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings to assist in the ascension of planet Earth and humanity.

There are codes to your personal ascension that the fairy queens wish to activate to help you integrate the wonders of your multidimensional self.

Part of this activation is being initiated into fairy light language which is a form of multidimensional healing utilizing the pure light code frequencies of the fairies.

This is an opportunity to feel truly supported by the Fairy Queen High Council in aligning with your ascension path and claiming your role in assisting the ascension of humanity, Earth and all of her inhabitants.

A big part of claiming your role is being in the light hearted joy of creating and expressing your soul’s gifts.

The eighth initiation will be a wonderfully fun celebration of your ascension and all that you have integrated during these powerful initiations!


Hillary Faye has been a teacher of teachers for over a decade.

Through years of deep inner healing and learning how to love herself unconditionally, she turned her past trauma into transformation and now holds space for others to do the same.

For over 18 years, Hillary has dedicated her life to the path of healing and has now taught and trained over a thousand heart-centered alchemists, yoga and meditation teachers, energy healers, and intuitive coaches.

In past lives, Hillary has been a high priestess in the Hathor Temple in Ancient Egypt and a teacher in Atlantis. She channels deep soul knowledge and unconditional love into the Fairy Queen Council Initiations and everything she puts out into the world.v

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